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How to Check for Toilet Leaks

Does your toilet make unusual noises or run longer than it should when you flush it? If so, you may have a leaky toilet. We understand that you don't need to call a plumber out for every little thing, so here's a quick and easy way to test for a toilet leak yourself.

  1. Remove the toilet tank lid.

  2. Drop one dye tablet or 10 drops of food coloring into the tank. (Dye tablets are sometimes available at no charge through local water pro


  1. Put the lid back on, but do not flush.

  2. Wait 10-15 minutes, and then look in the bowl. If you have any signs of the dye in your bowl, chances are you have a small leak.

If you do have a toilet leak, let us know when you call. If a leak is not the issue, and your toilet is running or making odd noises during or after flushing, give us a call, and we will be happy to diagnose and fix your troublesome toilet issue. Tallon Services, locally owned and operated by Master Plumber Victor Tallon is your go-to source for any plumbing related problems. And don't forget, we serve Windsor Colorado and surrounding areas with a low $29 trip charge, which we waive if we make the repair that same trip.

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