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What a great guy! My toilet began spraying water and once I got that tightened it began leaking at the main valve. He FaceTimed with me while he was at the er getting his finger stitched, came as soon as he was finished and fixed my water leak at 11 pm - I will definitely be asking him to come in the future for plumbing needs! He knew exactly what I needed and was super friendly and an awesome guy for being so prompt even with a finger in stitches. Couldn’t be more pleased 👍


It's so hard to find a good starting point to express my outstanding experiences with these guys! I guess I'll start with the fact that I own a local contracting/handyman company, and for over a year had trouble with finding a great, reliable, available and honest plumber. Due to my constant need of a professional plumber, I needed to make sure I checked of all of those requirements before referring to our customers. Tallon Services has become an essential business partner for us when we need professional and qualified assistance on our projects big and small. If you're needing a plumber for a project big or small, take it from me, this is the person you need to call!


We'll NEVER call anyone else! The first time we called Talon Services for our hot water heater, turns out it was minor issue...our user error at that! Guess what....NO CHARGE! Who does that? Genuine, Honest, Superb Human Being!!!


Great company to do business with. I needed the waste plumbing in my home inspected for problems and Tallon Services did so for a very competitive price. Service was timely and ethical. Highly recommended!


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